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Our Annual Fundraiser is held on August 5. Participants will race the stairs of the iconic Stadium Bowl to raise money for the Foundation animals!


Help us raise money for our medical fund!$1 000 / $5 000
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Upcoming Events

Volunteer Award of Excellence Voting

KSF Claudia and Dwayne Seaver web

July 9 - July 29, 2018 | ends at midnight
Mud Bay - FUTY Volunteer Award of Excellence

Unleashed at Stadium Bowl

Luke unleashed

Sunday, August 5, 2018 | 9:00 - 11:00
Stadium High School Bowl - Tacoma, WA

Current Projects

Click Paw to See Animal Companions Available for Adoption

100 Number of kittens one unaltered female cat could have in her lifetime
An average cat has 1-8 kittens per litter and 2-3 litters per year. During her productive life, one female cat could have more than 100 kittens. A single pair of cats and their kittens can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years.
44 % of all households in the US have a dog
Source: American Pet Products Association 2015-2016 (APPA)
35 % of all households in the US have a cat
Source: American Pet Products Association 2015-2016 (APPA)
40 how many times greater a dogs sense of smell is from our own
Source: Peter Tyson – PBS – NOVA ScienceNOW

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Chambers Creek

Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital
7210 Bridgeport Way W | Lakewood, WA

Mud Bay

Mud Bay
Locations throughout Washington & Oregon


Pharmacy Compounding Solutions
2310 Mildred St W |University Place, WA


PO Box 88627    Steilacoom, WA, 98388
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