The Forgotten Ones

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Not all stray animal companions found are intentionally abandoned. Some are left behind when their person passes away.

We help animals who have been left behind when their human companion has passed away and no one is available to care for them. These animals tend to be seniors and/or medically fragile. They are often found in dire shape due to the fact they have not been receiving food, water, or medical attention since the person has passed.

Referrals come from first responders on the scene of a tragedy, vet hospitals where an animal has been taken after being found, or neighbors of the deceased. These are animals who have no one to care for them anymore and are not candidates for the Humane Society or other high volume shelters due to their age or medical needs.

It is rare that these animals adopt out of our Foundation. Rather, they live out their lives in one of our long term homes. They receive love, food, and medical care until they no longer have quality of life.

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