Animals of Domestic Violence

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We have partnered with the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center in Tacoma, WA to help animals of domestic violence.

Clients receiving services through the Family Justice Center can access our services through a FJC advocate. We offer spay/neuter vouchers as well as vaccines and parasite medication at time of spay/neuter at the Northwest Spay & Neuter Center. We distribute food and supplies to the FJC pantry that is accessible to their clients, transport animals to DV shelters when needed and take owner relinquished cats and dogs with the assistance of Pierce County Animal Control.

Our volunteer, Darcy Nelson, paints portraits of animals to represent those in our DV program. This ensures privacy and safety to the families receiving services or relinquishing as well as the KSF caregivers who take the relinquished animals into their homes.

Please consider donating to our domestic violence program so that we can help the animals escaping DV situations.

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