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This is Syd Jingles! He came to Kindred Souls Foundation on referral from our friends at the Tacoma Humane Society. Syd was found as a stray with a skin infections and yeast, hair loss, inflamed ears, nasal discharge, a heart murmur, a collapsing trachea, bad teeth, cataracts, and a mass on his foot! That is a lot of medical issues for such a little man!

Syd Jingles is in a hospice placement with one of our extraordinary families. His quality of life is better than expected thanks to the great medical care of our doctors at Chambers Creek Vet Hospital and our KSF caregivers. Our hope is to provide medically fragile animals who still have quality of life, medical care and a loving home for the rest of their days. Please consider donating to Syd’s medical fund. He deserves to live the rest of his days in comfort.

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