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Oscar lived on the streets for 10+ years before a mail carrier took notice and action. The mail carrier inquired with neighbors in the area¬†expressing concern for Oscar’s very thin and ill-looking appearance. After learning that Oscar was a stray, the mail carrier immediately reached out to Kindred Souls Foundation for help.

His caring and kindness extended beyond that- he and his wife agreed to foster Oscar! We are grateful for their dedication to his care. Despite being on his own for so many years suffering from multiple medical conditions, Oscar is a loving, social, and happy cat. He is taking in all of the love and care he is offered.

Oscar was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, periodontal disease, a heart murmur, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), squamous cell carcinoma, and degenerative disc disease. It is hard to believe that a cat with so much against him can be so happy and still show lots of joy. Oscar’s quality of life is evident to our doctors and to his long term KSF caregivers. Their commitment to observing and ensuring he is not in pain is always at the forefront.

Oscar is on many medications to keep him stable. Please consider making a contribution to his medical care so that he can have as many days of joy as possible!

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