Economic Euthanasia/Relinquishment Mitigation

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Together with our partner hospitals we are helping to mitigate economic euthanasia and relinquishment.

Economic euthanasia can be defined as a condition in which euthanasia is elected due to an owner’s inability to pay for veterinary care needed to diagnosis or treat a presenting life threatening condition.

Economic relinquishment happens when the owner signs over their animal companion to a veterinarian or rescue who then takes ownership and pursues treatment and rehoming. While not death, it is a grueling loss for both family and animal and creates an unnecessary burden on the animal welfare system.

500,000 cats and dogs in the US are estimated to be victims of economic euthanasia or relinquishment. According to local veterinary hospitals, economic euthanasia and relinquishment have been on the rise with more incidents occurring since the Covid-19 pandemic. A surge is anticipated as our nation faces a housing crisis due to the pandemic resulting in less financial security.

We are conducting a pilot program to mitigate economic euthanasia and relinquishment; Gather and analyze data on the driving factors of economic euthanasia and relinquishment in our community; Work with clients and veterinary hospitals to develop protocols for a sustained Community Fund program.

Please consider donating to our Economic Euthanasia & Relinquishment Pilot Program Fund so that we can help keep families together.